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An update, a song, a goal acheived and a new focus!

on June 28, 2013

Hello my friends. I hope you are well. I havent been very good at blogging regularly and I have a few different subjects to update you on, each one could easily justify its own blog, but I’ll just try to summarise under subheadings so you dont get a headache trying to sift through them all.

1. Email Update

I received this email at 5pm on Wednesday from Chrstina McKelvie’s Secretary:

Hi Catherine,

Christina has asked me to respond on her behalf.

I am currently collating information to formulate a letter to the Minister and will be in touch soon.


Josh Wilson

Constituency & Parliamentary Assistant

(Office of Christina McKelvie MSP)

2. Struggles stimulate creativity


My husband, whom you know is a bona fide rock star, quite often writes songs in the most un-rock-star-ish environments. EG on his bus journey to his day job. I’m thinking this is probably because it’s the only time when he is forced to sit still and be relatively quiet for any length of time. This morning he was thinking about my blog and he wrote this:

(NB All lyrics copyrighted to Steven leonard – please don’t cop/repost without permission)

A Few More Steps

It’s just a few more steps til you ve reached the prize
I’ll be there to wipe those tear stained eyes
I’ll hold you when you are feeling down
I’ll help you up when you hit the ground

It’s just a few more steps ’til you have won the race
There will be a time when we will become face to face –
with the life we ve longed for everyday
Where we don’t live by sight but by faith

If only they knew the pain u feel –
maybe then they would understand,
how to look out for your tears-
and take into account the affect it has on you

It’s just a few more steps ’til you’ve reached your goal
I’ll be around to keep you from feeling cold
I’ll warm u up in the dead of night-
and make u feel everything’s is gonna be alright

It’s just a few more steps ’til you feel complete
here we will see a life that you longed to meet –
Every time we  look and see what we-
have created through the love from you and me.



Weight Loss – The Irony

I have now lost a grand total of 25lbs since 15th May (Approx 6 weeks) and easily fit the criteria for IVF if it was actually available according to the wording of the new criteria beginning July 1st. So if they had been true to their word I would have succeeded in what I set out to do. I am still very proud and I am still going to keep going because the benefits of losing more include

So I will definitely continue until I’m at a good bmi and feeling healthier 🙂


And now for something completely different!

A non fertility related post? NEVER! Actually yes, and we have some exciting news!

I arranged a viewing for a rental property for a close relative for a gorgeous (Victorian? possibly edwardian) red sandstone house nearby. Great street, close to town centre, good size. AS we walked round it I was describing all the good points about how it would suit my relative. but halfway through it I felt a thunderbolt, I was in LOVE with this property. It’s ambience was amazing. It needed some redorating and new carpets, but the bones of it were great. We phoned later and asked them to reserve property for the relative. But later that night she changed her mind and as I had been extolling the virtues of this property to my husband we spent 2 hours into the wee small hours discussing how we could afford it. Next morning I texted the agent and told her I was now taking it. It was a stressful day as others wanted to rent the house too and we had to negotiate the entry date – the owner was on holiday and out of phone contact – it was a loooong morning, but finally the agent told me it was ours and we were DELIGHTED. Its much bigger than our flat, so it’s more expensive (but not as expensive as most house of its sixe & location). We move in at the end of July to our house with 3 bedrooms, 2 day rooms and a little triangular garden. We are so excited and chattering on constantly about how to decorate, where to put furniture, what we need to buy. I have been off Facebook for about 10 days now (it was beginning to be too much) but I did pop on yesterday to ask if anyone knew of furniture being sold or thrown out and unbelievably we now have on promise from friends – 2 leather suites (one for each day room) with matching rug, mirror and lamps. My parents also have a pine dining suite for us to use. It’s enough to make you feel quite touched and emotional in a good way for a change! I think Steven and I and our family and friends are just so glad that we have good news and something refreshing to focus on and take our minds off the rubbish which has happened recently. I can’t thank them all enough, it’s an inspiring feeling when people are generous and caring, spurs you on to try to be the same. So this is our obsession for now. We are currently packing up and painting our flat and visiting auctions and shops to find bargains for our new home. Hardly giving the IVF a second thought for now.


As for the relative, you will be pleased & tickled to know that one of the reasons they were moving was a troublesome neighbour – this very person came to visit and apologised the day after we signed the lease, AND announced that they were moving out shortly. It feels like this was meant to be! I also had a vivid dream in my twenties that I moved to this street which the house is on. Feels like I am fitting into Someone’s plan for my life now 🙂



3 responses to “An update, a song, a goal acheived and a new focus!

  1. miriamgwynne says:

    I had a lump in my throat reading this. Exciting news and beautiful words by Steven xxx

  2. Jackie says:

    I thought I recognized some Edwardian hints! I’m in love with Victorian era, and Edwardian. They need a little work, but exude charm and class. Steven is a fantastic writer!

  3. Stephie says:

    The triangle windows!! I’ve added you to my blog list, hope you dont mind! xxx

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