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Happy Today!

on February 7, 2014

I have been reflecting a lot recently about blogs as I noticed 2 similar posts from 2 wildly different blogs and it made me realise that the subject matter may vary, but the spirit in which your blog is written can make a difference to how it’s received,

The two posts I’m referring to are here and here. The first opens with “I find myself often missing my current wonderfuls simply by waiting for my future wonderfuls to happen”. The second states “Don’t put off living”. What do they have in common? Both are saying “Be happy NOW!”

Too often our desires or dreams can take over and the balance between focussing on past, present and future becomes lop sided. We become so focussed on what we don’t yet have, and miss the here and now that is ours for the taking.

In addition to this “never being happy”, our blog audience will become as fed up with never achieving the dream as we are…and who wants to read the same old thing every time. Personally…I’d be hitting the ‘unfollow’ button quickish! Unless you’re going for the pity vote. If you know me at all you’ll know i HATE pity.

So, in this vein, I would like to show you some “happy already” events which have been part of our lives in the past few years (whilst still hoping to have that baby)… and some that are still to come. We are more than just a couple hoping to have our own children, we are much more interesting than that…honest!

Ladies first, in the past I have managed to graduate from university


Ive had paintings in a couple of different exhibitions



My husband was a solo acoustic artist for a few years and I was his manager, graphic artist, website designer, promoter, photographer…etc



I even helped him write some songs and recorded some backing vocals for him (not my forte!, but I gave it a go!)

This song was recorded and produced by our friend Kev Gresham and written by myself and Steven, copyrighted to SG Leonard.

As for the future, well I’m looking forward to rearing some butterflies soon, and I’ve recently took delivery of everything I need to develop my artistic skills, but in a different medium this time. All will be revealed.

Meanwhile, Steven works hard through the day as a Comfort Specialist(!) and by night and weekend he lives and breathes his beloved band, The Face on the Moon, who are steadily becoming more and more successful. He writes new songs every month and his band bring them to life! They are a lovely bunch of guys and destined for success. I couldn’t be more proud of them every time they play.

So that’s how we’ve been enjoying the here and now moments, we don’t sit around lamenting the fact that we haven’t had any children together yet, we seize every opportunity to do exciting, new things and LIVE whilst we wait.


3 responses to “Happy Today!

  1. Bex says:

    OMG those paintings are stunning! You are so good.

    Good for you focusing on the happy. maybe its something I need to do

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